Buying Guide For Best Gaming Laptop


We all have grown up playing video games. It’s like an addiction wherein you get involved so much that without clearing the last stage, the players stayed restless and glued to the gaming station. With this increasing passion for games among children, youngsters as well as grownups, the gaming industry has evolved and advanced many folds over the years. If you are enthusiastic and passionate about gaming, This is the best gaming laptop buyers guide to make the best choice. As mentioned in there are many sophisticated and highly graphic games in the market which are compatible to be played on playstation, XBox, android devises like phones and tablets, laptops, computers or specialized gaming laptops.

Certain considerations before finalizing a model are:
1. If you are fond of basic games like candy crush or the world of Warcraft, then there is no need to buy a laptop to play these games since they are also compatible with various operating systems and can be easily downloaded and played on phone or tab.
2. The low resolution that is less than 1080 X 1920 in the gaming laptop should be avoided.
3. Higher SSD fastens the installation in the game and it’s convenient load time.

Different parameters which should be reviewed before buying a gaming laptop are:

• The portability need- There are three types of portability. Minimal portability ranging between 17-18 inches display is suitable if you are going to use the laptop more in the house. These are powerful machines but are heavy and bigger. Also, require a lot of power, so need to be plugged in always. Medium portable has 15 inches of display screen. These are lighter machines ranging from 4.6 to 7.2 pounds and the battery last for 5-6 hours without charge. Hence are portable enough to be carried along. Very portable laptops with a screen display of 13 to 14 inches, compact with the weight under 5 pounds, it is ideal for the people always on the move. Although the CPU is not very powerful, the battery life is up to 8 hours.

• Graphics – Graphics card is the heart for all gaming laptops since these are the transmitters of signals onto the monitor. The finer the data processing performed by graphic cards, sharper is the display. To perform efficiently graphic cards, need a video memory (VRAM) of at least 4 GB. Gaming laptops come with GPUs or AMD system configuration. For serious gaming, laptops with 1080 GPU produce impressive frame rates giving a virtual reality feel.

• Display – Most of the gaming laptops require minimum display resolution of 1920X1080.Higher configurations of 2560X1440 and 3840 x 2160 are also available in the market which is gaining popularity. New age gaming devices are also offering touch screen options, but they are only good for basic games like candy crush, etc. Matte display has always been preferred since it has no glare like the one with a glossy display which is too bright and vibrant. OLED (organic light emitting diode) is a newly introduced technology which involves a film of an organic compound, which on being introduced to the electric current produces light displaying rich and contrast colors efficiently.

• CPU- Generally, the Intel AMD CPU with at least 6 generation cores or above are used in gaming laptops. The quad-core chip is preferred over the dual-core chip. A RAM of minimum 8 GB is required.

• Storage- SD card facilitate faster file transfer and game uploading. If not financially feasible, then at least 1 TB of storage with 7200 RPM speed is required for gaming laptops.

Depending upon your budget, we should choose a gaming laptop with maximum features for a great gaming experience. for budget gaming laptops under $1000, you can get a decent deal with 7th generation Intel core CPU, storage of 8GB, the display resolution of 1080p, 2-4 GB VRAM and SSD storage in some cases.