Is All The Clutter Stressing You Out?

having-a-cluttered-room-600x300Have you ever noticed how peaceful and happy you are when your home is all clean, tidy and neat? Similarly, think about your mood when the house is absolutely crammed up with stuff and clutter lays almost everywhere. There may be disagreements to the above statement, however, more than 90% of people feel depressed when their rooms are out of control. The feeling that everything is a mess sinks into your mind too. Home storage junkie is an absolute necessity to give you some peace of mind. Please go through the below link to understand more: –

No emotions, no sentiments
You know, most of the clutter we keep is emotionally attached to us. For example, you just cannot bear throwing out your kids’ first painting or the first boat he made or the first toy he had. Likewise, you may keep things from your first trip abroad, birthday cards, letters from dear ones etc. Anything and everything you have memories about will be precious.

However, there comes a point when your home and the shelves are so full of these memories that you have to cram up things you need for today or tomorrow. This makes the whole place untidy. Neither can you relish your past moments nor can you find anything you need for the present. So get storage boxes or album shelves or organizers where you can safely place your day to day necessities. Also, make up your mind about which memories are to be stored and which can be disposed of.

Do you need duplicates?
Ask yourself if you need duplicates of everything? If you love reading, will you keep three or four copies of the same book? No, you won’t because there is no need to. Similarly take a look at the items in your house. Just because you need bed sheets, you do not have to keep all of them. Keep what you really require and dispose of the duplicates. It’s not helping you to keep finding storage space for things you have no use for.

One in one out
This is going to be a hard one. Do you still keep a dress you wore years back even if it does not fit you? Have you a wardrobe full of clothes which are not your size? There is a golden rule to keep wardrobes neat. Buy a new dress; make room for it by disposing of an old one. Do not stuff your wardrobe!

Donate as soon as possible
This is a habit which is absolutely necessary. Donate things to those who need them. Do not keep unwanted things for so long that nobody can use them anymore. If there is something you don’t need, you may keep it for a week or so in a storage box meant for that. Longer than that is not a good idea for two reasons. One you may feel like recycling that, two they grow too old and cannot be used at all.

Give the above tips a thought and start to organize your home. Feel the difference in a few days itself. Get yourself the correct storage options and sort out that clutter.